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2001-2003. I represented over 300 survivors of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center before the federal Government. The survivors were mostly members of the 32BJ Union (janitorial personnel). At the initial stage, I negotiated directly with Special Master Kenneth R. Feinberg and significantly contributed and shaped some of Rules and Regulations of The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Later, I organized and supervised the team that represented individuals (both on a pro bono and fee basis) to recover maximum compensation, both in mediation and by adversarial hearings.


Still ongoing. I am an active member of a large legal team seeking compensation from the financial supporters of the September 11 attackers. Case is in federal court, and several large Arab and Saudi oil and banking companies have lost their bids to dismiss the case against them.

     http://www.uniset.ca/other/cs5/349FSupp2d765.html and http://www.motleyrice.com/anti-terrorism-and-human-rights/9-11-families-united-to-bankrupt-terrorism

2002 to the present. I represented holders of defaulted Argentine debt, obtained judgments, traced sovereign assets and litigated attachments under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Federal court and multinational litigation helped shape policy and partial repayments.

2003 to the present. Represented directly, and in a legal consortium with other firms, the eight largest class actions to recover on Argentine defaulted bonds. While later reversed on appeal, judgments obtained were in excess of $2 billion. Execution on these judgments was obtained and carried out on putative assets of Argentina in the United States. Recently, after several appeals, the attachments on these funds were dissolved. Further appeals are being fought. New Judgments for over 500 million dollars were obtained.


NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL, J.D. cum laude '85
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Graduate Courses, 1976
UNIVERSITY OF BUENOS AIRES, Licenciado '73 (B.A. in Economics)


Fulbright Fellowship (1975-1979)


1978 to the present. Investment and real estate manager.
1987 to the present. Solo Practitioner. Litigation: Securities, International (Latin America), Commercial, General Practice - State and federal.

1986/87. N.Y.U. School of Law. Instructor Legal Research and Writing. Intro Courses. Law Clinic.
1986. Connecticut U. Law School. Summer Instructor - Intro Courses.

1985/86. Scheinfeld & Mayer, New York, NY. Federal (2nd Cir.) and administrative appeals.

1984. Research Assistant to Prof. Myres S. McDougal

1983/85. Legal Assistant to the Research Department, Local 23-25, ILGWU.

1983. Research Assistant to Prof. Lung-chu Chen, N.Y.L.S.

1983. Summer Clerk Intern to the Hon. Seymour Schwartz, Supreme Court of the State of New York.

1978/82. Long Island University, Business Graduate School. Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance.

1978/79. Fairleigh Dickinson U., Teaneck, NJ. Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance.

1974/75. National University of Buenos Aires. Argentina. Instructor in Economic Development and Growth.

1974/75. Consultant to the Foreign Investments National Director, Ministry of Economy. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


5 Yale Law and Policy Review (Spring 1986).
Imagen Argentina, monthly column on NY law (1997-2004).
Noticias del Mundo, weekly column (1999 -2002)
Other journal and professional collaborative articles (2002 - 2008)

Many appearances in Spanish radio and television.

Member, NYCLA - Ex-Member, NYSTLA, ATLA

NASD Arbitrator. Other arbitration experience as a neutral and as a litigator.

Ex-Member, Association of the Bar of the City of NY

References: Prof. Alejandro Garro, Esq., Mr. Richard Rosenfeld, Mr. Carlos Silberman.


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